Household Goods and Personal Effects Experts

Ginair Cargo offers a comprehensive package of forwarding and receiving services to the trade. Its specialist area is that of personal effects and Household Goods which are air freighted to and from anywhere in the UK to most destinations worldwide.

We have extensive knowledge of how to export and import your personal belongings smoothly as we understand the importance of working in an industry where each move is unique.

Ginair Cargo can and does handle commercial shipments too but we have become specialists in dealing with Household Goods over the years.

The list below is provided as a guideline to what Ginair Cargo can do and is certainly not exhaustive. Most of the components shown are offered either separately or collectively. If your requirement is not listed then please ask.

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Collect from your Warehouse, or your Customer’s Residence, and deliver to our General Warehouse

Over Pack

Over wrap with a Pallet Carton for extra protection and security


Put through a Security X-Ray and/or employ a RASCO (Remote Air Sampling for Canine Olfaction) System in line with Air Industry and Government security regulations


Move from our General Warehouse to the Airline


Deliver by Air to the required Destination Airport using a SUPERIOR* SERVICE from the UK.

* Ginair Cargo ship on a MAWB only (Master Air Way Bill) to all US destinations and most other destinations worldwide. Shipping on a MAWB (i.e. non consolidated) saves TIME and MONEY over that of a HAWB (House Air Way Bill) shipment.



Move from the Airline to a Bonded Warehouse (avoid storage)

Customs Clearance

Clearance of goods through Customs Control


Move from a Bonded Warehouse to our General Warehouse after Customs Clearance


Collect from our General Warehouse and deliver to your Customer


Unpack cartons at the residence of your Customer

Remove Debris

Remove waste packing materials from the residence of your Customer on the day of unpack

Door to Door


All the steps included in the Export and Import sections above, from the collection of your Customer’s possessions right through to delivery at his/her new overseas residence.


Unpack & Remove Debris are optional extras to D2D


We allow up to 5 days storage in Ginair Cargo’s Warehouse FREE OF CHARGE.